Second meeting of ExpertLib


Last 8th of October we had the second meeting of ExpertLib with Novae Terrae in Palais des Nations (Geneva). In this occasion the objective of the meeting was to share good practices for the promotion of freedom of education in Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom. This was the first of several meetings dealing with good practices on different European countries.
Edmund Adamus – Director for Marriage & Family Life Archdiocese of Westminster –shared with us the good experiences of Free Schools and Academies in the British educational system, explaining the keys of their success and the main characteristics of these institutions.
Then the charismatic Inger Enkvist – hispanist, essayer and pedagogue- told us about the experience of the Free Schools in her country, Sweden. Beside the experience she also focused her intervention on the problems caused by the methods imposed by the State and the inconveniences caused by the local authorities.
Finally, Luis Peral – senator of the Spanish Senate- explain us the institution of the “colegios concertados” and the transfer of public land for the construction of colegios concertados. His explanation helped the European audience to understand these unfamiliar institutions.
The speeches were followed by a round of questions and interventions considering different aspects of the good practices in relation with their countries and with the main European institutions. Among the speakers we had the philosopher Phillipe Nemo and the politician Guy Guermeur.
We expect to share with you soon the conclusions and the experience of this meeting in a deeper way.



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