Interactive Roundtable on Education and training of women, one of the 10 areas of concern that were discussed at the Geneva NGO Forum – Beijing + 20

UN ECE Regional Review

OIDEL was the facilitator of the group on Non-discrimination, i.e. in charge of collecting key recommendations to be transmitted to the governments that are meeting today and tomorrow (6-7 November) in Geneva.

We stressed the need of adopting a human-rights based approach, for two main reasons :

  1. The right to education for women and girls should be driven by a rights-based approach, as it implies that this education should be viewed as a human rights imperative, rather than being undertaken solely because of potential benefits to their children or to society.
  2. This also implies the inclusion of Human Rights Education in curricula at all levels of education and for all groups, especially through the implementation of the UN Declaration of Human rights Education and Training and the World Programme for Human Rights Education in all its phases.

OIDEL promoted the UNESCO Convention against Discrimination in Education (CADE), which establishes the right to education comprehensively as it is essential that all stakeholders knows and agrees on the definition of what discrimination means. It provides for example that the State can permit the establishment or maintenance of private educational schools, if their object is to provide educational facilities in addition to those provided by the public authorities. It is important to distinguish between differentiation and discrimination if we want to address the issue of equality of oportunity in education, especially when it comes to women and girls.



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