Oral intervention during the Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights

Hoy OIDEL ha participado en el diálogo interactivo con el Relator Especial sobre los Derechos Culturales. Para OIDEL os derechos culturales son especialmente sensibles no solo porque el derecho a la educación es un derecho cultural, si no por los efectos devastadores que puede tener su negligencia. Os adjuntamos a continuación nuestra intervención completa.

Thank you Mr President,

OIDEL as ine of the founder of the NGO Platform on Cultural Rights and Diversity would like to congratulate the new Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights. We would like to assure you our commitment to collaborate with you. We are convinced that the other members of the Platform share the same point of view.

We would like to recall that Cultural Rights do not have the priority attention that they deserve in order to face the main challenges of the international scene. In fact, its promotion causes mistrust due to its politicization and misconception.

We would also like to mention the impact of Cultural Rights on peace and human security that has been neglected so far. Collective humiliations, identify injuries ir the disdain toward a culture have been a fertile ground for the spread of violence, terrorism and war. In order to fight terrorism it is fundamental to take into account the cultural dimension of this crisis.


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At a policy level, cultural rights deal with a triple challenge. Firstly, cultural rights remain one of the weakest and most forgotten rights within the human rights international instruments. Secondly, cultural rights are at a crossroad between Civil and Political Rights, Economics and Social Rights and Minority Rights. Thirdly, due to the multiple dimensions of these rights, it is hard to find a clear delimitation. Once this complexity is recognized it is essential to move towards the definition of the terms that define these rights in order to accomplish their realization. We appreciate, in this regard, the efforts done by the Special Repporteur to define key terminologies such as identity and community; and we encourage her to continue in this direction. It is in this sense that the Fribourg Declaration on cultural rights oriented its vision which represents an important step towards the leg leg legimitation of these rights.

We encourage Ms. Bennoune to adopt a global and transversal approach of cultural rights, by using all the international human rights instruments. We understand that this approach would allow a better comprehension and implementation of these rights.

Finally, we welcome the importance given by the Special Rapporteur in the priorities of her mandate to the right of education. Moreover, we reaffirm that the cultural dimension is crucial to turn education “ acceptable” for all students and their families, as education is essentially a cultural right.

Thank you,


Ignasi Grau



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