My internship at OIDEL:

The internship at OIDEL has been an incredible experience because it allowed me to practice languages, learn more about other cultures, know how the ONU works and so much more.

During this three weeks internship I have been able to do a course on human family and solidarity. This course last one week and it has been incredible and a good way to meet wonderful people from different parts of the world. There have been many discussions about the diversity and how important is to accept it and embrace it. In order to do that, professionals around the world gave us some talks in which we could participate afterwards. The different points of view were incredible and it helped me to see things under a new perspective. In addition, at the end of the course they gave us a certificate.

The other two weeks, besides helping with what was on the table that particular day in the office, I did a research project about the history of the education right, which allowed me to understand better how the ONU works and gave me the opportunity of being in touch with the very genuine documents that were signed by the States Parties.Raquel Herrería

It taught me, that not always everything is as easy as it seems and that we must stand up for our rights and fight for them, although not in every part of the world the States are willing to give them to the people.

It was also very open minded because it enabled me to appreciate the politics under every right that we claim ours now, and that it wasn’t recognize from the beginning. The stones that some States put in the way, to make more difficult to grant that right to the people, only made more amazing the moment that it was achieved.

But not everything was work! We received a guided visit to the Palace of the ONU and we were able to see the different buildings and what was done in every room. We also could attend to the World Conference on Indigenous. Although it was really captivating, it also was very heartbreaking because things that we take for granted such as water was not so evident to many indigenous communities.

It made me reconsider our problems and see how lucky we are to have what we have. There is much more to do and sometimes we forget it because we are really comfortable in our skin.

This internship has helped and showed me so many things that I dare to say that it changed me for the best. If I could pick it again, I would do it without hesitation!

Saying that, I think that the most important think that I have learnt here is how to work in a team. The environment in OIDEL is just fantastic, everybody helps you with everything you need and they make you feel like part of their family.

I honestly can’t say anything negative about this experience, besides that it was too short.

Raquel Herrería



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