Round table. School autonomy and school values: religion, pedagogical concepts and philosophical approaches




The right to education includes the freedom to found educational establishments with due respect for democratic principles
The growing complexity, increasing inequalities and social contrasts stimulate new adaptive responses from the educational systems. Private and Independent sector, by nature, have provedto be best fitted to meet diverse cultural, religious, philosophical or pedagogical convictions.

School autonomy
The concept of autonomy is commonly discussed in reference to organizational and professional independence in schools. In Europe, independent schools enjoy freedom particularly regarding governance, curriculum and diverse aspects of management and administration. However, the essence of independent free education is based on values, embedded in cultural heritage, and linked to a broader notion of education that goes beyond standardized instruction. That is our understanding of autonomy.

Values and the diversity of responses as a foundational pillar of democracy
Advocating different religious, philosophical and pedagogical values, independent schools promote and strengthen the students’ self-knowledge and self-confidence, together with the
development of empathic skills, which are crucial for living a peaceful life in democracy, withtolerance and respect for others people choices.


Round Table 24.1. 2017

European Parliament (Brussels)

17h00 Opening

Nuno Melo MEP; Andrew Lewer MEP, Simon Steen – Ecnais Chairman

17h15 – 18h15 Round table

One representative from each organization regarding autonomy, values and right to education and freedom of choice.

18h15 Closure



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