The 12th of March OIDEL participated in a seminar entitled “The importance of pluralism in a national school system”.

Sweden has elections the 9th of September of this year. In this context many parties have started to heat the electoral campaign. On this regard the Social democrats have announced a few weeks ago as an electoral promise that they will ban all religious schools in Europe to tackle radicalization. Many newspapers and different stakeholders of the educational domain have reacted critically to this promise.

For better or worse, educational freedom seem that is going to be one of the main issues in the next Swedish elections. In order to have some international and human rights perspective to this debate Christian Schools organize a seminar at the Swedish Parliament sponsored by the Christian Democrat Party.

OIDEL was invited and we presented the new Freedom of Education Index, which consists of a Comparative Approach of the Freedom of Education Index. The aim of the presentation of OIDEL was to show that freedom of education was an essential part of the right to education as we can observe in the article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or in the article 13 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Also, we shared a part of the research of the Freedom of Education Index, to show that freedom of education does not have any effect on the social cohesion or the quality of an educational system. On this regard, we can point that the success of a freedom of education is a matter of political will.

Per Kristensen of ECNAIS presented the importance of freedom of education to ensure pluralism. Then there were two different presentations explaining the Swedish situation in a more global context done by Sven Magnusson and Lars Brandström. The event finished with a song sang by the member of the Parliament: Roland Utbult.

Ignasi Grau



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